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The Autism Society Oakland County hosts two major fundraising events each year:


on Sunday, April 24, 2016 at Somerset Collection in Troy

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on Sunday, September 11, 2016 at Pine Knob Golf Course, Clarkston

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The Autism Society Oakland County is a grass roots non-profit!

We actively seek projects and ideas to help those within our community.  There are over 16,000 individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Oakland County.  Support is needed in a wide range of areas and we are always evolving to ensure that we are best prepared to address these needs.

While we remain a resource for all families we also offer community grants to support impactful programs throughout our community.  Recognizing that many individuals with autism have grown with us, we have aligned our strategic focus to create and improve opportunities and services for teens and adults.  We are excited to emphasize: vocational skill building, employability skills and employment opportunities, collaborating to improve employment outcomes and creating new resources.

Programs and Services this year have included:

Our Autism Awareness kit has been loaned free of charge, as a tool to raise acceptance and awareness for community presentations with over 2,700 people.

Supported social opportunities and community events attended by over 1,700 individuals.

Helped with recreational programs serving over 2,300 individuals with autism of all ages and with a variety of interests

Aiding program which have provided over 2,400 young adults with the skills to become valuable employees 

Working with programs benefitting over 2,800 adults with the steps to independent living and seeking employment

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