Toilet Training

Toilet Training for Children with Autism or Intellectual Disabilities

June 14, 2012
By Autism Society

A new book shares the toilet training approaches and methods developed by author, Sue Bettison, Ph. D., after eight years of research and 30 years of professional practice. During that time, she taught parents and professionals how to use her programs and helped families and staff to apply the programs for the benefit of children and young people with developmental disabilities. Her book, Toilet training for children with autism or intellectual disabilities is available for downloading on the website,

From the author:

My experience is that every child with a developmental disability can be toilet trained, as long as the correct procedures are used which compensate for his or her particular set of disabilities and problems. Of course, this assumes that there is no physical cause behind the incontinence and, even then, many children can still learn some or all of the tasks required for continence. My first research was aimed at procedures for children with profound and severe intellectual disabilities. They were the first to successfully learn to toilet themselves with one of my programs (Bettison, 1982). The procedures widened as I worked with a wider range of disabilities and levels of severity to become the multiple program set you will find in this book.
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