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                  Coaching Skills for On-the-Job Training:

Preparing Individuals with Autism for Employment Success

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Coaching Skills for On-the-Job Training is comprehensive two day training for job coaches who work with persons with disabilities including those with ASD. 

The training was developed for the schools and adult service providers in order to provide a common understanding and consistent approach to supporting individuals with ASD throughout their unpaid and/or competitive employment careers.

In addition to increased competitive employment for people with ASD, these trainings also hope to improve general awareness to employers and the general public.

The first day focuses on the skills needed to be a successful job coach. Some of the topics include: general disability information and disclosure, role of a job coach and team members, communication strategies, the Trainee Summary, making a “plan”, task analysis, natural supports and fading.

The second day focuses specifically on job coaching persons with autism spectrum disorder. 

Topics for day two include: autism specific characteristics including learning styles, communication, sensory needs, and social understanding and interactions; evidence based strategies that support individuals with ASD; how to implement these strategies on the job site; and the use of assistive technology in the workplace. All of this leads to better interpretations of observed behaviors in order to develop effective supports and helpful responses.


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