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These agencies are listed for informational purposes only, ASOC does not endorse the organizations listed.


Developmental Products

  • PlaySteps, building Skills for Special Children. Teaching constructive play skills for children with autism
  • Prelude Music Therapy, creating and publishing music therapy strategies and giving workshops and presentations to professionals, parents, and students
  • Social Skill Builder, Inc., interactive CD-ROM computer programs that target understanding and use of every day social skills in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other learning/language disorders


Educational Products

  • ABC School Supply, educational Toys, Supplies, Arts & Crafts, Games, Furniture and more
  • Centering on Children, Shoebox Task, innovative learning materials designed for children and adults with special needs
  • Do2Learn, free resources, such as 300 picture cards that can be printed, math grids, coloring pages, art projects, and images to help with the tracing of shapes and letters
  • Don Johnston Inc., products for people who are nonverbal and have physical disabilities
  • Help Us Learn, complete self-paced training program for preparing parents, educators, students, teachers, therapists, service providers, friends & family to use Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) programs to work with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, PDD, & other developmental delays
  • Kaplan Company, quality educational products that help children and educators engage in interesting activities, thus enhancing learning through play
  • Mayer-Johnson Co, Educational materials and software geared to aid communication.
  • Picture Exchange Communication System, variety of training opportunities and products that focus on the initiation of communication and the design of effective educational environments utilizing structural and instructional elements
  • Super Duper Publications, publish and distribute fun, colorful, high quality materials for speech-language pathologists, special educators, teachers, parents, and caregivers in educational, home and health care settings


Educational Resources

  • Michigan's Assistive Technology Resource, information services, support materials, technical assistance, and training to local and intermediate school districts in Michigan to increase their capacity to address the needs of students with disabilities for assistive technology
  • Special Abilities, nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to helping kids in Special Education in public schools

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