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Community Grant Program
Aligning with the Autism Society Oakland County (ASOC) mission statement, "To advocate and support meaningful participation in all aspects of life for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their families", the ASOC offers other non-profit organizations within Oakland County and the greater Detroit area funding through grants each year.

Grant proposals should directly benefit children and/or adults with ASD and their families. The ASOC strives to support the community in the following ways:

  • Improve the availability of recreational opportunities for all people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Improve the quality of life of teens and adults with ASD in the areas of social experiences, emotional support, skills for daily living, housing and independence.
  • Improve vocational programming and employment outcomes for people with ASD
  • Support families of children with ASD

Note: Grants to benefit a single individual or family will not be considered.

There are two ways to apply:

1. Enter your information in the Online Community Grant Application below

2. Click here to download the ASOC Grant Application

All grant requests are objectively reviewed during our established grant cycle.  Each request received is reviewed for five key areas of complete and concise information.  For appropriate consideration, please ensure that your grant proposal clearly outlines and includes supporting documentation as needed to represent the following areas: 

•         Goals and Corresponding Outcomes

•         Project Description

•         Timeline

•         Measuring Project Effectiveness

•         Budget

Applications are reviewed at the end of each grant cycle by the ASOC Board. If you would like to submit a grant proposal, please complete this grant application form and provide any additional supporting documentation.

Grant Process

Step 1 - Review Project Suitability

Review Autism Society Oakland County grant guidelines and assess whether your project is compatible with Autism Society Oakland County's criteria. The Autism Society Oakland County encourages applicants to call or email the Autism Society Oakland County at the earliest stage to discuss their ideas to ensure that your proposal meets our grant award criteria before submission.


Step 2 - When to Apply

If your work fits within our guidelines, we welcome your proposal prior to our grant deadlines. Grant applications are reviewed in two cycles each year (Applications MUST be received at the Autism Society Oakland County office by the deadline date — i.e. applications postmarked on that date will be reviewed in the next cycle.)

Spring Deadline: May 29th

Fall/Winter Deadline:January 15th


Step 3 - The Application

Please use the following grant application. We prefer electronic submissions, with attachments sent separately if necessary. 



Autism Society Oakland County Community Grant Application     


Forms and documentation may be submitted by email or by mailing your completed application.

E-mail applications to

Mail to: Autism Society Oakland County, P.O. Box 1825 Clarkston, MI 48347


If you are a new applicant, please include proof of 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status with your application, including your EIN.


Step 4 – Decision

Grant applications will be reviewed immediately following each grant cycle.  A decision regarding your grant application will be sent by:

May 31 for the Spring Grant Cycle

February 4 for the Fall/Winter Grant Cycle


Expectation for grant recipients:

Submit a project report within 30 days of completion of the project. If the project is not completed in the calendar year for which the grant was awarded, grant recipients will need to submit a progress report no later than the end of the calendar year. This should be 2-3 pages, and should include:

  • A summary of expenditures (< 1 page) with copies of receipts and invoices attached.
  • A short summary about the project with completion dates.
  • Photos showing before and after shots of the project, or volunteers in action. The Autism Society Oakland County uses these photos in our newsletter or on our web site.
  • Any copies of local newspaper/magazine coverage.

Return any unused funds. If the project is not completed within one year of Autism Society Oakland County approval or the agreed time frame, or is completed at less than budgeted all unused funds shall be returned immediately to the Autism Society Oakland County.

Provide Autism Society Oakland County recognition. All projects must acknowledge the Autism Society Oakland County by inclusion of the Autism Society Oakland County logo on signage, publicity and/or outreach materials. The following wording MUST be included: "This project was made possible by a grant from the Autism Society Oakland County." Sample acknowledgement signage is available from the office.

The Autism Society Oakland County logo can be obtained electronically by clicking here: ASOClogo



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