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The ASOC is an advocacy organization that works to improve the lives of those impacted by ASD in Oakland County, Michigan.  Included in our efforts our several outreach efforts and funding programs. 


ASOC Resource Guide (2009)

The Autism Society of America / Oakland County Chapter is proud to present this updated issue of our ASOC Resource Guide.
We hope it will be a convenient resource for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their families.

This guide is provided free of charge.  The inclusion of resources contained herein does not constitute an endorsement by the ASOC, its Board, or its
membership. Parents and families are advised to engage in their own investigation before commencing any treatment program.

ASOC Autism Awareness Kit

The Autism Spectrum Disorder Awareness kit is offered free of charge to families, organizations and schools.    The kit includes many of the items those with ASD may use to assist them in addressing a variety of everyday situations, including calming items, social stories and other useful tools.  

To request the ASD Awareness kit click here for the ASD Aware Request Contract

Community Grant Program

Aligning with the ASOC new mission statement, "To advocate and support meaningful participation in all aspects of life for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their families", the ASOC offers other non-profit organizations within Oakland County and the greaterDetroit area funding through grants each year.

Grant proposals should directly benefit children and/or adults with ASD and their families. The ASOC strives to support the community in the following ways:
  •       Improve the availability of recreational opportunities for all people with ASD at reduced rates
  •       Improve the quality of life of teens and adults with ASD in the areas of social experiences, emotional support, housing and independence.
  •       Improve vocational programming and employment outcomes for people with ASD
  •       Support families of children with ASD

Applications are reviewed periodically by an appointed grant committee. If you would like to submit a grant proposal, please complete this grant application form and provide any additonal supporting documentation.



With ASD impacting 1 in 110 individuals, information is crucial. We offer a newsletter to share the latest community events, educational opportunities, legislative news, partnerships, research and innovative opportunties in the ASD community.


Social Groups
As a community, we are stronger when we connect and share our successes and helpful information.

Friendship Club Social
This social group is for teens and young adults 13 year of age and older. Parents need to stay on the premise with their teen. There is a room for parents to stay and meet with other parents. Check our Events Page for more information.

The cost is $15 per family or $5 per individual. If you have any questions please call the Chapter phone at 248-393-3131.

"After Hours" Support Group
"After Hours," a group moderated by OUCares and funded by ASOC, is a support group for those 18 years and over with HFA, Asperger's or PDD/NOS. Monthly socials are held on the third Monday of the month offering pizza, pop, conversation, cards, billiards, and fun!

These free meetings are held at Oakland Center in the basement level in the common area. [Download group flyer]

Online Community
It can be helpful to connect with people who understand your situation. That is why we have created an online community here within the site. Our community is a safe place for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their families to connect, share stories, support each other and build lasting friendships.

Discussion forums in our community include:

  • Newly Diagnosed - for those who have just begun their journey
  • School Issues - addressing those situations children with ASD encounter in the school setting
  • Transitional Issues - change can be tough, especially for those with ASD and their families
  • Adult Issues - autism is for a lifetime and so is the support or the asoc community

If you are interested in joining our online community, see our Community Overview page for more details.

Toy Guide For Differently-abled Kids
Each year, Toys R Us offers a guide with the intent of helping foster inclusive play environments by featuring toys that kids with special needs can enjoy alongside siblings and friends.
To help alleviate the guesswork in selecting toys most appropriate for a child’s physical, cognitive or developmental needs, all items featured in the Guide are paired with colorful icons to indicate the skills that can be developed during playtime.
This year, the Guide has increased to 64 pages, filled with everyday playthings specifically selected for their ability to help kids build critical skills, including fine and gross motor, social, creativity, auditory, language and more.    
To view this guide online click here for Toy Guide for Differently-Abled Kids.

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