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Where we live as adults is a such a large question.  For many adults with autism this can be a long an puzzling process.  Here are a few organizations and reference materials offering some guidance and/or assistance during this difficult transition.  These agencies are listed for informational purposes only, ASOC does not endorse the organizations listed. 

Supported Living

Angels Place| Has sixteen homes that provide specialized residential care, supported independent living, and community based services to over 150 individuals

JARC| Operates 20 group homes and a variety of independent living programs for adults.  

          Transition Homes For individuals who want the freedom of independent living but still need support.

MORCOffers a variety of supported living options including: In-Home supports, Foster Homes Personal Residence, Shared Lives.

Independent Living

Community Housing Network| Advocates, devoted to providing homes for people in need and access to resources to create sustainable communities.

Homes for Autism| Our goal is to provide financial assistance, support and hope to caregivers who have family members with autism.

On My Own| Agency in Oakland County that helps adults with mild developmental disabilities become independent, social and contributing members of the community.

Support Group

GMOA Transition Support Group| For Oakland County residents with disabilities who are living in group homes, in transitional housing, or in their families homes, and who are seeking help in understanding their housing choices.

Independent Living on the Autistic Spectrum| An online support group for people with Autism or related conditions, including but not limited to Asperger Syndrome

Reference Materials

Getting My Own Address| Created in cooperation with Community Housing Network, this guide offers a step by step process towards independence.

Housing And Mortgage Information| Informational article covering the full process of applying and obtaining a mortgage or other assistance for home purchase.

Residential/Group Home Options| If a group situation is the best meets your needs.

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