Autism Quality of Life Symposium

4th Annual OUCARES Quality of Life Symposium - May 7-8, 2012

OUCARES, the Oakland University Center for Autism Research, Education and Support is proud to announce its 4th annual symposium on topics related to Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

"Residential Living and Employment for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder"

The quality of life for adolescents and adults on the autism spectrum depends not only upon the foundation that is provided in childhood, but also on ongoing supports that are specific to their employment and residential living needs. This symposium presents information that enables attendees to 'think out of the box' in regards to employment and residential options. 

Our expert presenters will share information on how to best prepare individuals with ASD for the world of employment and residential living.

Who Should Attend?  
Parents/caregiviers, social workers, professionals, employers, educators and adults living with ASD.

For more information: click here

To register: OUCARES Registration

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