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Out of all of the apps that we use for children with special needs, we feel that apps for behavior intervention are perhaps the most difficult to choose-essentially because of three things:

  1. behavior is complex;
  2. every child is an individual and what works for one child will not necessarily work for another; and
  3. there are a lot of apps in the area of behavioral intervention to choose from.

ABA Therapy Images - Flash cards are vital in helping children develop expressive and receptive language skills, master new vocabulary and strengthening comprehension.

Able AAC Free -  an application to help potential users evaluate four of our paid apps. Able Jr, Able, Able HD AAC and My Daily Tasks. You will be able evaluate usability, functionality and capability.                  

AutisMate  - comprehensive app for autism encouraging growth and independence with comprehensive personalized visual supports. 

Behavior Breakthroughs - an interactive training simulation created for parents and caregivers of children and adults who display challenging behavior.                          

Behavior Tracker Pro -   Allows support person to track behaviors and automatically graph them. Export the data for offline manipulation in Excel.  

Birdhouse for Autism -  Use to keep a running, searchable log of your child's daily activities and behaviors, so you can figure out what's working and what needs to be changed.  

BoardBuilder  - used for the purpose of building choice boards, albums, if/then scenarios, or lesson plans for individuals with autism, speech disabilities or delays, communication difficulties, cognitive impairment, or brain injury victims.

Catalyst  - a state-of-the-art technology for collecting, managing, and using your data  

Caught Being Good  - shows you an easy way to reward your children for the great things they do, from small to large   

FAO ObserverTool  -  a practical and easy way to record and track problematic student behaviors. Enter data and track setting events, antecedent events, behavioral incidents, and functions of the behavior with ease.          

Fun Timer - Have fun with this child friendly timer. Watch as lots of fun, cute and interesting images are revealed as the timer counts down.                             

Go Go Games  - suite of casual games to support individuals in learning to quickly notice multiple features of the objects in the world around them                     

iPraiseU -   Simply open the app and tap or shake to generate one of 100 positive praise statements.          

iPrompts - combines three apps into a powerful suite of next-generation autism technology! Buy iPrompts® PRO and receive iPrompts® (the leading research-based app for visual schedules, timers, choices and video modeling), StoryMaker™ (create and present Social Stories™) and SpeechPrompts™ (exercises for speech therapy and prosody) at a discount over buying individually.           

Model Me Going Places - videos demonstrate social skills by modeling peer behavior at school, on a playdate, at a birthday party, on the playground, at a library, at the dentist, restaurant, and more.     

My Daily Tasks - is a very nice addition that can remove the need to place schedules and goals in separate apps            

No More Meltdowns  -  popular book gives the tools to deal with and prevent out-of-control behavior. Now you can have those tools with you in the moment to help you prepare your child for the situations as they arise.                

Present A Choice - designed to help a parent or caregiver quickly present a set of choices to a special needs or young child. Great for when a child is upset and having more trouble verbalizing.                    

Questioning Autism? - designed to help parents and caregivers understand more about autism, and to provide a starting point for conversations with pediatricians         

R+ Remind  - you choose an interval and the app does the work! A tone unique to each interval sounds at a variable rate so that you can pause in what you're doing and reinforce a new behavior, the lack of a targeted behavior, or even an existing behavior                          

Routinely - helps to achieve goals in developing good habits by providing daily reminders of activities and tasks                              

Sleep Champ -  tips and tools to help get a good night's sleep                      

SpeechPrompts - designed to help speech therapists target rate, rhythm, intonation, and loudness.                 

StoryMaker Social Stories - for creating and presenting Social Stories   

Tap Me Happy - a virtual happy place for kids! Put what makes your child happy in their 'Tap me Happy' app!              

TOBY Playpad - accelerated learning for children with autism             

VizZle Student Player - a visual learning portal for individuals and their support staff.       

Working4 - a visual reinforcement system 


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