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Vendor and Employment Development

Micro-Businesses The businesses below are operated by individuals with special needs. Abby's Gluten Free Goodies Amie's Avon Abigail Branham Amie Kupovits 248-408-6… View »

Back to School

The transition from summer back to school can be tough for everyone, especially families of individuals with autism. The daily routine established over the last 2 to 3 months is changing, and the tim… View »

Arts, Beats & Eats

The Arts, Beats & Eats festival will offer more than 200 performances on ten stages, a fine arts show, local restaurants, regional and local attractions. This year, they will also offer specia… View »

Family Get-Together

  It Was Nice To See You!   Thank you to everyone who encouraged, supported and participated in the 2012 ASOC Pump It Up Night!!  We are delighted to have had the opportunity to… View »

Tips for Sensory Friendly Outings

Tips for Families and Friends: How to Have a Sensory-Friendly Outing With crowds, outdoor gatherings can be overwhelming for some individuals on the autism spectrum. Here are a few tips for how… View »

Toilet Training

Toilet Training for Children with Autism or Intellectual Disabilities June 14, 2012 By Autism Society A new book shares the toilet training approaches and methods developed by author, Sue B… View »

Arts, Beats & Eats in Royal Oak Speaking up for those with Autism

SPEAKING UP FOR THOSE WITH AUTISM Thousands of children and their families across Michigan live within the autism spectrum every day. This year, Ford Arts, Beats & Eats is teaming with Autis… View »

ASOC Family Get-Together

    ASOC Family Get-Together! Wed., July 18 at the Auburn Hills Pump It Up         Session 1: 5pm - 6:30pm            … View »

Survey - Monolingual and Bilingual Development in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Survey   My name is Tayler Finsel and I am an undergraduate student in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Bowling Green State University. I am conducting a survey of p… View »

Donations and Third Party Fundraisers

 Autism Society of Oakland Donations We are a non-profit organization whose mission is to support those with ASD and their families within our community.  Thank you for your interest in su… View »


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