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Housing & Mortgages for People with Disabilities

Introduction There are five important steps in buying a home and financial assistance programs that are available for you living with disabilities, who want to buy a home. Included in this overvi… View »

Residential Housing/Group Home Options

What are the Options for Housing and How Do I Find Them? Finding the right residential option for a young adult with autism is certainly one of the most difficult parts of the transition process. The… View »

Adult Living - Housing

Where we live as adults is a such a large question.  For many adults with autism this can be a long an puzzling process.  Here are a few organizations and reference materials offering some… View »

Grants- Employment Skill Building

The Autism Society Oakland County will be awarding Employment Skill Building grants to teachers and ancillary staff working with high school and post-secondary students who have an ASD elig… View »

College Programs for Students with Autism

Many autistic teens out there have the brains to make higher education a breeze, but are lacking in some of the social, time management and organizational skills they’ll need to make the grades they… View »


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