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Autism Apps1

Autism Apps There are so many terrific apps addressing a variety of needs.  Our list of helpful apps is below.  We have also included a link to a comprehensive app list created by the Frien… View »

Getting My Own Address

Getting My Own Address for People with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Developmental Disabilities Getting My Own Address (GMOA) is a program for people with autism spectrum disorders and developme… View »

Helping kids- Tragedy

HELP KIDS COPE WITH TRAGEDY What to Say to Help Them Feel Safe and Secure by Dr. Charles Fay At a difficult time like this in our nation’s history, parents all over this country—and the wor… View »

Comprehensive Guide to Travel Accomodations and Planning for Individuals with Special Needs

Travelling with a child who has special needs can be a challenge. When planning such a trip every detail needs to be carefully planned. Choosing your destination, finding a travel agent who understan… View »

ASA - Advocate Magazine

Autism Advocate The Autism Society's flagship publication, the Autism Advocate, reaches approximately 30,000 Autism Society members, supporters and professionals. The magazine offers a divers… View »

Additional Halloween Tips

Parent Tips: Halloween (Make it a Better Experience) By Shelly McLaughlin, Pathfinders for Autism By its very nature, Halloween is scary. Everything from the decorations, AMC’s listing of the top 10… View »

Halloween Tips

Tips to Make Halloween Enjoyable for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders The very things that can be so exciting to neurotypical kids—wearing the costume of a favorite character, being outside wi… View »


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