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Apps Home Page: Autism Apps Behavioral Interventions Out of all of the apps that we use for children with special needs, we feel that apps for behavior intervention are perhaps the most difficu… View »


Apps Home Page: Autism Apps Accessibility Accessibility is the creation of a new device that assists a person in completing a task that would otherwise be impossible.  By definition, acces… View »

Autism Apps1

Autism Apps There are so many terrific apps addressing a variety of needs.  Our list of helpful apps is below.  We have also included a link to a comprehensive app list created by the Frien… View »

Getting My Own Address

Getting My Own Address for People with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Developmental Disabilities Getting My Own Address (GMOA) is a program for people with autism spectrum disorders and developme… View »

Helping kids- Tragedy

HELP KIDS COPE WITH TRAGEDY What to Say to Help Them Feel Safe and Secure by Dr. Charles Fay At a difficult time like this in our nation’s history, parents all over this country—and the wor… View »

Membership Page - Traditional

Autism Society of Oakland County Membership With the help of caring individuals like you, we can achieve our mission of improving the lives of all affected by autism. Thousands of indivi… View »

Comprehensive Guide to Travel Accomodations and Planning for Individuals with Special Needs

Travelling with a child who has special needs can be a challenge. When planning such a trip every detail needs to be carefully planned. Choosing your destination, finding a travel agent who understan… View »

ASA - Advocate Magazine

Autism Advocate The Autism Society's flagship publication, the Autism Advocate, reaches approximately 30,000 Autism Society members, supporters and professionals. The magazine offers a divers… View »

Additional Halloween Tips

Parent Tips: Halloween (Make it a Better Experience) By Shelly McLaughlin, Pathfinders for Autism By its very nature, Halloween is scary. Everything from the decorations, AMC’s listing of the top 10… View »

Halloween Tips

Tips to Make Halloween Enjoyable for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders The very things that can be so exciting to neurotypical kids—wearing the costume of a favorite character, being outside wi… View »


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